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  Golden Canada Ltd. provides a number of services ranging from calibration and repair of equipment to rentals, and lease-purchase, lease-exchange options of equipment. Other services include well test design, well test reporting and reservoir analysis. Field engineers are available for on-site training, technical support and well test supervision. We will also train your sales staff to be more effective marketing the advantages of using our equipment with your existing services to your customers at your request.


  Equipment is calibrated using certified DH deadweight systems, environmental chambers and hot oil baths at our facility in Edmonton ,AB,Canada and in BeiJing , China . All equipment is inspected, serviced and sent out with a signed certificate of calibration identifying maximum pressure and temperature errors and date of calibration.


  Repairs are completed at our Edmonton facility with the emphasis on quality and timely service. We guarantee that all repairs and calibrations are done in 20 (typical turn-around time is 10-15 working days) working days or you receive free loaner equipment to use at no charge until your equipment is returned to you. All repair costs are estimated and sent to the customer for approval prior to commencement. You will never be charged more than you have approved


  Golden Canada Ltd. provides high quality rental equipment for both short and long term periods. Experienced field personnel are available to run our equipment on a per job basis if required. Please call for availability and pricing.

About us|Products| Services | News | Contact us
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