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Our new and improved QM-200 Tool is the highest Performing downhole quartz memory pressure gauge available.

The integration of a custom built sensor with our industry leading elect r onics has transpi r ed into the first 3.6 Volt Quartz Tool. New to the QM-200 is the plug-in Memory modules, designed to be replaceable, extending the life of the tool. Each memory module can be used for 2-5 runs (temperature dependent).

With the reusable metal-to-metal seals, our Quartz tool is designed to withstand the harshest downhole envi r onments. Battery efficiency is achieved with the use of a 2CC Cell Lithium Battery. Its advanced construction and size has emerged into a low maintenance and extremely cost effective tool.

The QM-200 delivers data with accuracy, resolution and long term stability that is unmatched by competitors.

30.4” in length
Low Maintenance
3.6 V olt Electronics
0.02% Full Scale Accuracy Level           
Low Cost

Replaceable and disposable

Plug in Memory Modules
Interference Testing
Production Testing
Well Testing
Well Stimulations


Maximum external pressure 25 ksi
Sensor type Quartz
Accuracy ± 0.02% full scale
long term stability 0.015% full scale
Drift 0.02% full scale per year
Resolution < 0.008 % psi/sec.
Maximum temperature 200oC
Accuracy ± 0.15oC
Repeatability < 0.01oC
Resolution < 0.01oC per second
Battery type 2 CC Lithium
Operating voltage 3.2 to 3.6 V
Battery life Depends on temperature
Sampling interval One second to one hour
Capacity 500,000 records, or four
days at one second
sampling interval.
(Redundant internal
memory: can be used
as backup or to increase
number of records taken.)
Record contents Time, pressure, temperature
Pelican Case
Redress Kit
USB Int. Box
USB Int. Cable
Serial Int. Box
Serial Int. Cable
Serial Int. Power Supply
Battery Tester
2CC Cell Lithium

Please note that specifications and drawings are subject to change without notification.


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